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Central America.

Surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the slender land bridge of Central America runs from Mexico to South America and is consists of seven countries — Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Central America is a whirlwind of happiness, wildlife, oceans and beautiful mountains. It's the travellers dream; cheap living, easily travelled and it has never ending things to do! It really is the ultimate backpackers destination! But with so many countries inside it is sometimes overwhelming when coming to decide where to go, stay, which country to list first and on. The area’s rainforests are filled with unexplored and beautiful Mayan ruins and wildlife, its beaches are great for surfing, and its reefs great for diving and also providing accommodation, food, and transport at cheaper prices in the region making it a budget traveller’s dream. The shores around Central America has many coral reefs. And diving being hugely popular because of its beautiful colours and variety of fish with a clear visibility is a famous spot and is never missed by any first time traveller. Diving here is comparatively cheaper than in the Caribbean and most parts of Mexico. Popular dive countries include Panama, Honduras, and Belize.

The entire region is known for its world class coffee, particularly Costa Rica and Panama and tourist all around the world travelling to this place share this in common which is Costa Rican coffee.

Accommodation is easily accessible and cheaper, you can rent a one day hostel costing you between 5-15 USD for a dormitory room while a private bed will cost you between 15-30 USD for single or double bed with private bathroom (in Costa Rica or Panama, you will pay on the higher end of that range). Family-owned guesthouses or hotels is also available and affordable accommodation at times, besides hostels. Travelling within Central America has become convenient nowadays with many initiatives taken in this sector, public buses are made available to the most and is the cheapest way to get around, with fares costing less than a dollar. They stop just about everywhere to let people hop on and off and make travelling hassle free. So you get everything needed to make your visit a cherished memory and everlasting experience.