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South Pacific.

The South Pacific is a quintessential paradise having bungalows perched above glistening turquoise waters, untouched coral reefs and endless gleaming white sand beaches. South Pacific islands are historically and geographically divded into Polynesia (from the Greek meaning 'many islands') and Melanesia (meaning 'black islands'). As you travel east across the Pacific from the Solomon Islands to Easter Island, the flora and fauna becomes less diverse. Islands to the east like New Caledonia and Fiji have land snakes and fruit bats unlike the French Polynesia and Easter Island. Exploring underwater you'll find more soft corals in the plankton-rich waters to the west but better visibility in the greater reaches of open water to the east. The South Pacific islands are popular among honeymooners, those getting married or anyone planning to escape their day-to-day pressures and relax in paradise. From luxury island to unique eco-resorts, there’s something to suit every budget and every traveller and adding to it, these amazing destinations are easily accessed from Australia or New Zealand, Hong Kong or Los Angeles, making a dream holiday, even more special.

Fiji summons nearly the same amount of visitors (about 630,000 annually) as the rest of the South Pacific combined but it still feels wild and exotic. Underwater you'll find seascapes of soft corals so dense that they look like purple and white forests. Viti Levu, the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands have the best beaches and most of the resorts it's easy to get off the beaten path on islands like the lush, dive havens of Taveuni and Vanua Levu or the views of Kadavu.

The Samoan islands of Upolu and Savaii offers a stunning cultural, castaway experience to their visitors creating the perfect holiday experience by combining both your South Pacific adventure with a stay in Sydney to enjoy one of the finest beach-city breaks in the world.

The Cook Islands is a wonderful destination where you can relax in beach-side luxury or become immersed in the culture and captivating tropical landscape. Fly through the US to add the glamour and movie magic of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

There is an endless list of wanderlust worthy destinations and a little research is indeed required before setting off.